Meet Me

Being raised in a painfully small town in Michigan made me a country girl at heart, though I live for the energy of an enormous city.

Since I was too young to really know what love was, I’ve been one of those “in love with love” types of girls. I am perpetually optimistic and hopeful, and always bounce back when love isn’t what I hoped it would be.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve come to realize that while I am a dreamer, I am also rational to a fault. Some may say I’m cold hearted because I rarely cry, but I say I’m simply strong enough to know when crying is really necessary.

My parents and siblings are of the highest quality, and I feel lucky every day to have them in my life and to have had the upbringing that I did.

I have never been one to have countless “friends”. I have an elite few that are special and who I keep close. I enjoy my acquaintances as well, but put much less importance on spending all of my time with them. Another way I have been lucky in life is to have one ridiculously amazing best friend. We are going on 17 years of friendship with no end in sight. Imagining my life without her is impossible.

Recently I made a cross country move to sunny Phoenix. I’m learning that it’s really easy to make life the adventure that it should be. You just need to be open to things!

Also, my kitten is the cutest, sweetest kitten in the entire world. No question.



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