bar fight

Life is Hilarious.

I have been a busy little girl. Here is the quick update:

Mutually decided to get a divorce.
Three weeks later, moved to Phoenix.
Dating is crazy & weird & exciting & interesting.
New apartment with my friend/coworker/cousin.

Yeah so… that’s that! HaHa.

I finally feel settled in here. Everything is unpacked, I have some groceries, and a routine. So I can finally get back to work on my book. I admit that it has been neglected for the past couple months. Yesterday I researched conferences and workshops and I found one down in Tucson this coming weekend… debating making the trip and spending the money… I need to jump in!

As for the divorce… life is just crazy. I never thought I would be divorced… I mean, clearly you don’t get married if you think that’s going to happen. It could have been a lot messier… but it could also have been a lot easier. I doubt it has ever been an easy process for any couple. It gets complicated. Emotions are running high… you both have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it… and you’re clearly not communicating well or you probably wouldn’t be getting divorced! HaHa. All said and done… it was for the best. I’m sure we will get to a point where we can be friendly. I wish him the best and I know he does for me also. So that’s good!

Funny/crazy story to finish on… a man threw his drink in my face at the club last night! Yeah. Insanity. He grabbed my roommate and tried dancing on her and she turned and told him no… and he came at her like a crazy person! Like chest bumped/shoved her into a wall like he was going to fight her! So these other guys pushed him back and she started yelling at him. He kept trying to come at her and I was trying to push him back and he pushed me also in the process. Then he was behind his friend and I was yelling at his friend to get him the hell away from us… and these other random guys were like “What happened?!” And I said, “This mother—-er tried fighting my friend!” And he goes, “B****!” And threw his drink directly in my eye/face. Yeah. Cool.

I can’t even believe that it happeend! HaHa. Where do these people come from?