Book Update

Twenty-two chapters in, and I’m feeling more accomplished. Now that I’m so far into it I realize I have a ton of work left before the rough draft is finished, but I’m incredibly optimistic. The basic idea I began with has developed into something so much bigger, and not at all what I expected it would be in the beginning. I literally started this book with one sentence. I can’t remember where I was when I thought of it, but I feel like I may have been in bed. I wrote it down on the nearest piece of paper because I liked the way it sounded. Later I put it into a Word document, and started from there. It’s still the opening sentence to the book.

“The first time I saw a person die, I was ten years old.”

It’s such a simple sentence, but it’s become this monster in my brain I need to get out! In the best way possible. And it’s become something I never thought I would write. But here I am, writing it! Hopefully someday in the relatively near future someone will think that people would like to read it, and will publish it for all to enjoy (or not!).

Back to the book for me!