Am I Officially Old?

Call me lame all you want… I don’t like being drunk. I’ve come to realize this over the past year or so.

Every now and then I’ll get a little too tipsy… maybe even “drunk”. But getting to that “white girl wasted” level is just not a good time for me anymore. I usually will make some kind of a spectacle of myself… not always, but it’s incredibly likely… I’ll make bad decisions… I’ll feel like absolute hell ALL day the next day & basically be a waste of space… and I inhale empty calories! For what? To do stupid crap & feel like crap?! No thanks.

I love going out. I love being social. I love dancing. But I get so sick of the looks people give me when they ask me if I want a drink and I say, “I’m good. I had one a little bit ago. I’m done for the night.” They look at me like I just told them I lived in a closet for the first 12 years of my life. Is it really that crazy for me to not want to be hammered drunk all the time? I have a great time regardless. Luckily my roomie/cousin/friend 🙂 feels the same way. So when we go out we just dance our little faces off (seriously, we sweat… it’s gross…), drink maybe a couple drinks, and have a good time! (Until crazy guys try to fight us… but that’s an entirely different issue… and we still manage to have a good time.)

And hey, if you want to get all crazy… have at it! You’ll have some good stories… and you’ll be entertaining for me… so do what you gotta do! I’ve been there! I’m just kind of over it at this point. Some people love getting drunk & crazy, and some don’t. I’m energetic and feisty enough without alcohol.

I’m borderline health obsessed anyway. I feel this other girl inside of me… worrying about calories… thinking about what to cut out of her diet that is really just disgusting & unhealthy… sometimes her voice is louder than the pizza & popcorn loving one… sometimes not (it’s probably 60pizzapopcorn/40healthy… maybe 70/30… HaHa). But when it comes to drinking the healthy girl usually wins out. Like I said… it’s hard for me to justify all of the empty calories when all I’ll gain is a headache, stomachache and probably regret.

Would I ever say that I’m never drinking again? Definitely not! Every now and then I like a glass of wine or good beer with a meal… and when I go out I might like one or two drinks to just loosen up a bit. And I’m sure there will be times in my life where I will have one of “those nights” where I wake up sick and hungover… they will just continue to be few & far between.

Maybe I am just getting old… ? Nah. 🙂