home is where the heart is

Hello & Good-Bye Mitten State.

Last week in Michigan was fantastic! As usual, I didn’t get to spend as much time with certain people, but even an hour is better than nothing! I saw my best friends, babies galore, family, extended family, and even had great weather for the duration of the trip!

LJ (my loooove, in case you weren’t aware–haha!) came in on Thursday and stayed until Sunday when we both flew back here to the desert. I knew everyone would like him, since he is a likeable kind of guy… and of course I suspected and hoped that they would think he was GREAT, but you just never know… but they all seem to love him! 😀

My dad is always tricky, because he is so quiet and keeps to himself most of the time. And if he doesn’t like someone, he’s not going to pretend that he does. A lot of guys find him very intimidating, or don’t quite know how to pull him out of his shell. LJ didn’t seem to have much issue with it–helping dad get the pig ready for the pig roast probably helped! He loved getting all up in it and learning something new. 🙂

My friends all gave him their stamp of approval as well, which is always a relief. He just fits in wherever he goes! And it’s nice to be able to talk about him to my friends & have them know who I’m talking about… a face to the name, I suppose. And now they have a better idea of why I’m always gushing about him. 😉

And speaking of the pig roast… my parents are the GREATEST! They both put in so much time and effort to put it all together… both of them took time off work… Dad did so much work around the yard & then stayed up ALL night as the pig cooked (I guess you have to watch it?)… Mom made delicious food, invited everyone, they got the tables & chairs… it was basically awesome of them is what I’m saying. 😀 I am a lucky, lucky girl to have such special parents and to have so many people who care about me & make time for me!

LJ made a comment about how pretty much everyone in Michigan just seems so nice and cool. I assured him there are rude, snotty, aggravating people as well, I just choose to keep them out of my circle. 🙂 So if you feel like you’re in my immediate circle… thanks for being awesome!

It is always good to come back home though… the desert is trying to cool down, but still remaining pretty warm… but it is definitely home now. Michigan will always be in my heart, and will always be a favorite place… but I wouldn’t trade all of these sunny days for much… !


That Feeling of Being “Home”

I visited my home state of Michigan a few weeks ago, traveling all across the beautiful Mitten seeing various friends and family, and it got me thinking about the concept of “home”.

Sometimes when people say “home is where the heart is” I think they’re saying that home is where the people you love are. If that’s the case… my home is approximately 7 different places. So I don’t really think that’s what the phrase means. Not for me, anyway. Or for a lot of people. In our world today we move around, we get new jobs, new opportunities, new spouses… and we go to live somewhere other than where our parents are, or our best friends are. Somewhere other than the environment we grew up in. Or maybe, we’re all just really lucky now and get to call quite a few places “home” because our hearts are with people in a variety of places. I like that idea. I’m just not a person who will ever feel like I have just one “home”… I can’t see that happening.

When I’m in my hometown, I don’t necessarily feel at “home”, but I never really did there. At my parents’ house I do, however. I feel comfortable there. I fit in there. I don’t feel like I fit in in the town as a whole (though there is much to love about it).

Saginaw never felt like home, not fully. I have so many people there that I love, but I always knew I could never stay there. If I had to for some reason, I would make the best of it, but I would never be fully satisfied in my life.

Grand Rapids has always been one of my favorite places. It’s a beautiful, unique city with a spirit all its own. It feels familiar to me. I’m comfortable there as well.

For me home is any place I feel like I fit in… a place that inspires me… a place that I know and understand… a place that is comforting as well as comfortable.

Phoenix is starting to feel like it… I know the roads, the names of the suburbs, the weather… and so far it has been a good environment for me. Nothing is ever perfect, but when I landed back in Mesa from Michigan, I found myself smiling for no particular reason as I walked to my car in the warm-blanket sunshine.

So I guess I have a few places to call home, and I really like it that way. I like having my heart spread around to so many people in so many places. 🙂