making promises


How many empty promises have you made in your life?

From something small like, “I’ll call you next week!” to something larger like, “I’m going to pay for your plane ticket to come see me sometime soon!”

For some reason this is on my mind. I try to be conscious of this and avoid it… but we all are guilty of it from time to time. And I think that’s fine–you say something pleasant once in awhile fully meaning to follow through on it, but realize afterward that it isn’t all that important to you and the other person probably doesn’t really care that much either… so you move on.

But I really hope that I never make a habit of it to the point that people no longer believe I will come through for them.

Something to think about… be conscious of what you are promising to people. If you can’t follow through, or simply don’t care that much to do so, then don’t make the promise. We are allowed to say “no” sometimes. 🙂