Think Like a Man… maybe.

I know this is a generalization and there are exceptions… but from my personal experience women tend to have trouble with over thinking things in relationships. I know I do. Most of my girlfriends do as well.

When men are standoffish or vague, our minds run away with us. We aren’t getting the feedback or communication we crave, so we think the worst. We go over every possible scenario… we ask every question… we try to answer these questions with what information we do have. If a man suddenly behaves in a way that is out of character, we wonder why.

Men of the world… we don’t like being this way. When these thoughts are running through our brains we are not having a good time. If we could flip a switch and have our minds just relax and not worry about it, we would. It simply isn’t that easy for most of us.

I’m doing my best to take things at face value right now. My problem is that I always want to know the whole story. I’m a talker. I’m a writer. I like to know things. It’s an issue when someone else isn’t this way because they probably won’t understand me. But it’s just me! 🙂

Taking things at face value can be a tricky thing. I feel like when you just accept something someone says exactly how they say it, there are assumptions involved. You are assuming that you understand what the meaning was. But you are understanding it with your own perceptions, which are different from other people’s perceptions.

But, over thinking everything tends to be disastrous. So, I’m making the attempt to relax and just have fun. Wish me luck! HaHa.