motivational speaking

Motivational Monday? (HaHa. Whatever, here you go!)

Once again a conversation with my lovely cousin/friend/roomie has got me thinking. She’s inspiring like that. 🙂

Everyone always says actions speak louder than words… and I know that this is true. Very true. But at the same time… it’s nice to hear the words every now and then. We all enjoy a little verbal reassurance from time to time.

Now, if there are no actions to back up those words then yeah, they’re meaningless. But if you have the actions to back up what you’re saying… then the words are actually pretty special. Sometimes it takes guts to actually verbalize how you feel, so it lets people know that you’re willing to open up to them and be a little vulnerable.

Vulnerability is a scary thing. I have a love-hate relationship with vulnerability. I’m terrified of it because I’m a very confident person and you can really get your ego/emotions stepped on by putting yourself out there… but at the same time I don’t ever want to let fear stop me from following my gut/heart/whatever.

Stuck in this in-between place things can get a little crazy. Which usually ends up with me being even more vulnerable… and then I’m in “girl mode” and well, things are always a little emotional in that mode. HaHa! But at least I’m trying, right? You have to keep trying!

There have been quite a few times in my life where I just feel like crawling into a hole (so to speak) and hiding from anyone who might hurt me. But I try to live my life according to my favorite quote (“Even the darkest hour has only 60 minutes”) so I know that if I do get hurt it won’t be forever.

So I continue to try when my intuition tells me I should. There’s another very factual common phrase… always trust your instincts. They are almost never wrong. Every now & then you might be fooled… but not very often if you’re really listening & being aware.