positive energy

Put On a Happy Face

Lately on my social media sites I’ve been noticing a lot of negativity. I’m getting kind of sick of it. I mostly just don’t “get” it.

Frankly, sometimes shitty things happen. People act shitty. It isn’t the end of the world and it doesn’t mean EVERYTHING and EVERYONE is suddenly shitty. Why generalize like that? Why would you want to see the world in that light? No fun, if you ask me. Some guys are douches. Some girls are lying skanks. But it’s statistically impossible for EVERY guy/girl to not be worth it. Sometimes your friends let you down. It doesn’t mean any and all friends are going to do that. All it means is… that’s life!

Have we gotten so spoiled that we think everything should be kittens & rainbows all the time? And if not, we hate everything and everyone for not doing everything our way? Life is life. Good things happen. Bad things happen. That’s just the way it is. But life is FAR too short to be consumed with negativity. Everywhere you go, no matter the city, time, group of people… there will be situations where you could easily let yourself have a pity party. What a waste of time and energy. You’ll end up missing everything good if you do that.

Every now & then we all have our “this sucks” moment, and that’s fine. I’m an incredibly optimistic/happy person, but I still have my “hate my life” moments. It just seems like so many people let that feeling run their lives. If you’re experiencing something that’s bringing you down or making you feel bad… understand it, accept it, and deal with it. Then move on and get rid of it.

If you’re constantly feeling sorry for yourself & that’s the vibe you’re putting out into the world… how are other people supposed to not feel sorry for you also? People aren’t going to treat you with respect if you’re basically curled up in the fetal position all the time.

And if you really hate something in your life… if it’s bringing you down, whether it be a relationship, job, friendship, etc… then change it! Do something about it! Make positive changes for yourself. You have no right to complain if you won’t put in any effort.

I’m a big believer in the energy that we put out there. People can sense it. If you’re depressed people will subconsciously be able to tell and chances are they will have a negative feeling around you. It will effect your interactions. Put negativity out and that’s what you will get. Why not take that energy and put it toward being happy?

Maybe I’m just a total freak of nature to think that it’s so easy to be optimistic. It’s ingrained in me. But no, because I have a lot of friends who have positive outlooks as well… I just wish more could! I feel bad for people who are negative the majority of the time… SMILE! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… just fake it! Smile like you’re cheesing for a picture, and the movement of the muscles sends endorphins to your brain to make you feel happier. Fact. :))))

It will all be okay. You just have to make it okay. ❤