Annnddd… break!

I feel my book running away from me. The first 18 or so chapters just came flying out of me without much editing going on at all. Now I’m getting all kinds of new ideas–whole chapters, entirely new characters!–that need to be worked in to the beginning chapters, but I’m still feeling on a roll with the latest chapters. Ugh!

Time for some backtrack editing, I think. I need to put the new stuff on pause and just work on getting everything added in to the beginning. I need some organization!

Writing a book is a messy process, and I don’t love messy processes. I like to have a plan laid out. I might not always follow the plan, but I still like to know it’s there. I’m finding that when I’m writing all plans go out the window. I’m finding that plans in general in life tend to go out the window. But like I said… I still like to know that they are there.

So, back to the drawing board we go!